In this interview, Colin Jasper joins the Impact Pricing show to debunk three pricing myths and explains why these are the complete opposite of what people should be doing in pricing.

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  • The three common myths people practice when doing pricing
  • Understand why these false myths are the complete opposite of what people should be doing in pricing
  • Find out why we shouldn’t compete on price and not behave like a commodity

Topics Covered:

01:29 – How Colin got into pricing

02:31 – Creating huge impact on companies through pricing

03:31 – Billable hours in professional services firms: Perspectives of clients and firms

07:32 – Fixed $500/month vs. hourly fee for bookkeeping

09:31 – Good, better, best in fixed fee vs. hourly + the ultimate purpose of hourly rates

13:02 – Dealing with the uncertainty of projects

14:37 – Competitor pricing as a pricing myth

16:17 – “Aspire to be the most expensive and not be scared of that”

18:04 – Myth: Losing on price means their pricing strategy is wrong

20:26 – Colin’s pricing advice

23:13 – Pricing table topics: “Value-based pricing is never perfect. You can’t read your customers’ mind.”

Colin doesn’t hold back as he shares pricing gold nuggets that can be applied in any service based firm.

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“Let’s not behave like a commodity. Let’s avoid competing on price.”

Colin Jasper

3 pricing myths debunked Colin Jasper

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