Positive Pricing was delighted to partner with Australian-based recruitment firm, Seldon Rosser, to deliver a webinar on the Future of Pricing to Chief Marketing Officers and Heads of BD in leading firms across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

We’re pleased to publish a video recording of the event (53 mins) and we’ve also noted some of the key takeaways below.


Key takeaways from the Future of Pricing

  • The first battle with changing pricing strategy is always the internal battle. How do you influence and support partners to change their approach to pricing?
  • Expertise by the hour is being replaced by integrated offerings using alternative resourcing and technology
  • More firms are looking to explore a client’s problem, come up with a solution and then price in a manner that transfers risks from clients.
  • COVID and the subsequent shift to remote working has created an opportunity for more global approach to servicing clients. Firms no longer ask “who’s the expert in this office?” but “who’s is best placed to help our clients across the globe?”
  • It’s important to get the basics right with your pricing strategy but our research indicates that’s rare. Significant opportunities exist for firms that can tick all the boxes.
  • There are also opportunities for firms to be market-leaders by focusing on their pricing strategies.
  • Pricing is a rationing tool. If clients expect prices that are too low, are they really the clients your firm wants? Just because it’s an opportunity doesn’t mean is the right opportunity for your firm.
  • The market is changing and now is not the time to rest on your laurels. You must continue to innovate to stay ahead of the game.

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