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March 18, 2021 @ 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm AEDT

Join Colin Jasper at this event hosted by the New South Wales Bar Association

Relationships with solicitors and end-clients can be challenging. In the webinar, Colin Jasper will discuss how to create, maintain, and flourish the relationship for mutual benefit by:

  • quantifying and demonstrating the value of your estimated fees
  • complying with regulatory and ethical standards while influencing the client’s perception of your value
  • satisfying end-clients’ expectations about counsels’ fees when these expectations differ from that of solicitors


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The Pricing Masterclass provided practical strategies to help us win work, analyse pricing risks, and promote value internally and externally. It presents all sides of the equation: clients, partners, back office, and more. We immediately capitalised on what we learned. Thanks for a fantastic and interactive workshop.

Peter Lane Secor
Director of Strategic Pricing and Project Management
Pepper Hamilton, Boston

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